Beware of California-Based Mining Scam Using Fake MineFund Data

DENVER ( — An investor today alerted us to a mining scam that has been running since at least March 2013, and which uses fake MineFund data.

The scammers have doctored MineFund’s tabulation of gold deposits such that an absurdly named project - Calcium Silicate owned by “Kingman M&R” -  is the highest grade gold deposit in the world. Other details of the original tabulation have also been fiddled. The document can be downloaded here.

The scammers are using the fake data to try to dupe investors into contributing a reported US$1.9 million to process “600 tons” of ore.

It’s a laughably stupid scheme since a project of this supposed quality would long ago have come to market and would not be trying to snaffle cash from widows and orphans. We have no doubt that some people have already been taken in by the superficial sophistication of attorneys and contracts attached to it.

There is no traceable information on “Kingman M & R” as a business entity. The document has minimal information, but we do know this much - the original file was created in a version of Microsoft Word licensed to “Mary Williams”. It was written on a Mac running OSX 10.8.2 and the PDF was produced with Mac’s native PDF generator - Quartz PDFContext - on 17 March 2013 at 11:25am.

The scam has been reported to the SEC. Meanwhile, if you happen to have been in contact with the schemers, please let us know.

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