Update - “Calcium Silicate” Gold Scam Using Fake MineFund Data14 October 2013

DENVER ( — An investor has provided additional information about the scheme that relies on fake MineFund data to appear more credible. The scheme promoter, who uses the handle “Reggster”, (his name is R. M., but we are withholding the full name until we are ready to release more information) has been promising investors that […]

Beware of California-Based Mining Scam Using Fake MineFund Data29 August 2013

DENVER ( — An investor today alerted us to a mining scam that has been running since at least March 2013, and which uses fake MineFund data. The scammers have doctored MineFund’s tabulation of gold deposits such that an absurdly named project - Calcium Silicate owned by “Kingman M&R” -  is the highest grade gold deposit in the […]

Gold Producers Need to Arrest Dilution to Recover Valuations22 February 2013

DENVER ( — Investors in gold equities have lately been fretting about the lead-footed response of stocks to gold prices, especially when bullion was rising. For nearly a decade now, gold equities have been losing their leverage to the gold price, and it has accelerated since the advent of exchange traded gold. Whilst recognizing the […]

“Imperial fervor and a flight toward Caesarism”4 January 2013

Must read article in The National Interest: “…based on (Oswald Spengler’s) study of eight great civilizations, that the process of decline carries with it a surge of imperial fervor and a flight toward Caesarism. Hegemonic impulses come to the fore along with forms of dictatorship. As Charles and Mary Beard wrote in The American Spirit, “Spengler’s […]

Snapshot of Precious Metals Price Performance in 20124 January 2013

It was a rough year for gold which barely ended above where it end in 2011 when adjusted for inflation. However, it was the eleventh consecutive year of higher annual average prices.

Gold Slumps on Fed’s New Religion of Prudence?3 January 2013

DENVER ( — Much is being made of the sell-off in precious metals on news that the Federal Reserve intends to stop its $85bn monthly bond purchases sometime in 2013. The media’s assumption - at least in the case of Bloomberg’s bearishly headlined article - is that gold has been a beneficiary of the Fed’s […]

SEC Finally Finds a Gold Mining Scam to Prosecute3 January 2013

DENVER ( — A California music teacher turned pretend gold miner managed to pick the pockets of several hundred gullible investors to the tune of $16 million. Now Kenneth W. Carlton, president and CEO of Nekekim Corp. has settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission related to defrauding those investors who thought he controlled a […]

Gold Stock Valuations Implode as Gold Rises to Two-Decade High Against Equities7 August 2011

The last time that general equities were this cheap relative to gold or silver was 1991 and 1987 respectively. Unfortunately, it’s not merely confined to general equities.

Silver Proves Toughest Hurdle in 2011 Price Forecasting Competition3 July 2011

DENVER ( — At that half way mark of 2011 a handful of precious metal price forecasters are proving hard to dislodge from the top rankings. Two have been especially prominent in maintaining their overall high rankings despite considerable volatility. It is also notable that non-professional forecasters are given the paid professionals a run for their […]

Mr Broker Goes to the Silver Market9 May 2011

The CME Group knows speculators when it sees them.

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