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South Africa Coal Security Statements Worrisome

The net outcome could be coal prices rising much faster and further thanks to a combination of competition and haulage costs if mines don’t continue to be developed and expanded in South Africa.

America Expects Someone Else to Solve its Rare Earth Element Vulnerability

Early next month thousands of delegates will converge on Cape Town to participate in one of the world’s most important mining capital formation and distribution processes - Investing in African Mining Indaba. The event is ground-zero for the money flowing to and from the world’s last great frontier in mineral exploration and development, Africa. Yet the United States will, as usual, have no formal representation even as officials from China, Australia, India, Japan and Canada jockey to land mining assets for their national companies and national interest.

Steady Drip of Bad News Leaches Away Confidence in SA Mining Investments

Nothing is going to change in terms of significant new investment in SA Mining until the failed experiment with black empowerment is swept entirely away.

US & Europe Discuss What to Do About China’s Rare Earth Metals Dominance

These meeting notes are circulating in policy and lobby circles. It appears that private interests in the US and Europe are getting fed up with government jawboning without results.

Valuing the Fastest Growing Mining Stocks

Mining stock investors love production growth; especially high margin production growth. Reserves may be nice to have, but cash flow trumps optionality in nearly every instance. So let’s look at the most promising production growth stories that are backed by some form of feasibility study.

South Africa & Brazil - twins for a time, now splitting up?

Brazil and South Africa may realize and accept that a formal alliance would be mutually beneficial, but we doubt it. So take care if you are convinced that this is a good combination trade - timing will be everything.