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Gold - Silver Ratio Crashes to Lowest Level Since 1983

Silver is surging relative to nearly every other asset at the moment.

Precious Metal Analysts Very Bullish for 2011. Favor Silver & Palladium.

Precious Metal Analysts affiliated with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) were very accurate with their predictions for 2010, and they’re super bullish for 2011. In fact they are so bullish that only one analyst believes any metal is threatened with a decline in average prices through this year.

Gold, Silver and Palladium Clear Several Significant Hurdles, but Platinum Lags

nvestors in precious metals are entering a very interesting phase in the current bull market, which must be considered continuous over the last decade despite the rude but brief interruption of the global credit crisis.

Palladium Continues to Outperform. Gold Sets Long-Term Record.

Investment performance is all relative to the dates you pick, and the comparisons you make. Our analysis for the precious metals picks one date - 2000 - for the arbitrary benefit of being the start of a decade and a nice round number. The other date - November 2008 - is reasonably objective as the nadir of the credit crisis when most asset values bottomed out.

Silver’s October Surprise. Mr Chilton Goes to Washington.

It is an exceedingly strange strategy for a plaintiff to give the defense so much room to maneuver.

Watch Out For That Curve - Precious & Industrial Metal Futures Curves

The term structure of commodities futures have been the source of much debate between Keynesians and classical economists. It is no small argument since futures curves are frequently used to forecast prices for commodities like gold, oil and copper.

Marathon PGM Owners Offered a Bundle. Is it Enough?

On the face of it, the deal is a steal for Stillwater. But be cautious.

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