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Do New Tasiast Project Details Belie Deteriorating Kinross Valuation?

The likelihood is that the sell-side will eventually dissolve the sunk transaction costs, and price Red Back’s assets tabula rasa. Whether the buy-side goes along is another question. It hasn’t happened yet, which is why Kinross isn’t seeing any benefit to its ratings from an otherwise world leading gold asset.

More Timely Reminders of the Risks Facing Kinross Gold

There is considerable unhappiness among other mining companies with executives complaining that Kinross’ CEO, Tye Burt, crossed a line in talking up the mineral resources at Tasiast in order to sway support for the transaction.

Company Profile: New Kinross Gold

How the acquisition of Red Back Mining changes Kinross Gold.

Pressure on Kinross-Red Back Merger Increases. Another look.

We’ve changed our view significantly in the wake of the “conceptual estimate” of mineralization for Red Back’s Tasiast deposit in Mauritania.

Bargain Hunters Swarm Into Kinross Gold

A mixture of short-covering, bargain hunting, and sniffing for an improved offer has reversed fortunes for Kinross Gold’s bid for Red Back.

Gold Stocks Trading Near Historic Lows Compared with Bullion Prices

If gold stocks are able to reacquire their traditional leverage the effect would be like releasing a tightly coiled spring. At this point the spring is coiled back to bullion prices below $800 per ounce. That suggests gold equities are sitting on potential gains - relative to the gold price - of nearly 80%.

Looking for Value in the Gold Sector After Newcrest-Lihir

Where does your favourite gold stock rank against its competitors?

How Badly is Kinross’ Bid for Red Back Going? This Badly.

Kinross shareholders may yet decide that a C$250 million break fee is the cheapest metric in this merger. Talk about a poison pill in a poisoned well.

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