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Gold Equity Dividends Must Rise Further and Faster

The new interest in rewarding investors with dividends may be the catalyst needed to address the deep discounts leading gold stocks are trading at.

Update - Eldorado Gold Sets New Benchmark for Precious Metal Dividends

If all the senior gold companies adopted a dividend equivalent to $100 per ounce of gold produced, investors would enjoy a 125% increase in payouts to around $3.5 billion per year.

Severstal Said to Eye London For Listing of Nord Gold

Nord Gold is apparently looking to raise $1 billion from the IPO, and would have a market capitalization of between $4-5 billion. It would be the fourth major gold producer available to London investors alongside Randgold Resources [UK:RRS], African Barrick Gold [UK:ABG], and Petropavlovsk [UK:POG].

African Barrick Gold Walks a Green Mile

You’ve got to feel for the management team at African Barrick Gold [UK:ABG]. After an auspicious London initial public offering thanks to parent Barrick Gold [CA:ABX] cutting loose on one quarter of its interest, the stock has stalled.

Osisko: Prey vs Predator

With gold sector merger activity at full throttle many investors think Osisko is an irresistible takeover target for the senior gold producers. One deal after another has been announced and still no sign that Osisko, and its principal value driver - the Canadian Malartic project - is on the menu. What gives?

Senior Gold Equities Strain To Match 2008 Highs

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) — As gold prepares to test $1,300 per ounce, 12 senior gold equities (‘The Big 12’) that trade in New York have hit an all-time high market value of $211 billion. At the lowest point in the current gold bull market - November 2000 - the same group of stocks was worth […]

Gold Stocks Trading Near Historic Lows Compared with Bullion Prices

If gold stocks are able to reacquire their traditional leverage the effect would be like releasing a tightly coiled spring. At this point the spring is coiled back to bullion prices below $800 per ounce. That suggests gold equities are sitting on potential gains - relative to the gold price - of nearly 80%.

Looking for Value in the Gold Sector After Newcrest-Lihir

Where does your favourite gold stock rank against its competitors?

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