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Gold Stocks May Revisit Hedging

Companies have gone to great lengths to avoid any appearance on the balance sheet of the old style mark-to-market line item. It’s not deceptive; merely the reality of innovating around investor sentiment when your balance sheet cannot independently support project development and expansion.

Gold Equity & Leverage Charts

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A Precious Metals Wish for 2011. Stop the Darn Transactions!

The case for equity leverage to gold is diminishing and will continue to do so until mining company executives and their bankers stop the addiction to deal-making.

Senior Gold Equities Strain To Match 2008 Highs

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) — As gold prepares to test $1,300 per ounce, 12 senior gold equities (‘The Big 12’) that trade in New York have hit an all-time high market value of $211 billion. At the lowest point in the current gold bull market - November 2000 - the same group of stocks was worth […]

Looking for Value in the Gold Sector After Newcrest-Lihir

Where does your favourite gold stock rank against its competitors?

Kinross Bid for Red Back Remains Under Pressure

In just a few days, investors in Red Back [TSX:RBI] and Kinross [TSX:K | NYSE:KGC] will get the chance to pore over the raft of “fairness” opinions that came to the same conclusion that all such fairness opinions do - “it’s a great deal!”.

Valuing the Fastest Growing Mining Stocks

Mining stock investors love production growth; especially high margin production growth. Reserves may be nice to have, but cash flow trumps optionality in nearly every instance. So let’s look at the most promising production growth stories that are backed by some form of feasibility study.

Who’s the Best Paid Gold Mining Executive of Them All?

More investors are paying attention to gold equities to take advantage of the move in the metal’s price and rising profits reflected in sector dividend payments that exceeded $1 billion last year. That makes it more important than ever to monitor how executives are being compensated, especially relative to performance.