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Another Year, Another Failure for Peak Oilers & Energy Dreamers

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) — BP recently released its 2009 Annual Statistical Review. It is an energy data bible that is all the more valuable for being published in the open. Once again, the Review is a firm debunker of peak oil hysteria as well as energy dreamers who think renewables can ever replace non-renewables.

2009 was a shocking year for commodities, 2010 can only be better

Do you know which commodities performed best in 2009? Have a look at our tables and charts to find out.

Ratios of the day: gold vs oil, gold vs silver

Gold and oil haven’t been this well paired for many years. Do you hear that? Those are those silver bugs just over the horizon!

Gold predicted to hit $3,000 as US economy implodes

ST. LOUIS (Alpha Found) — Author Martin Hutchinson has put his neck on the line with some bold predictions to which he assigns “near 100% probability”. Here’s the meat of it: Gold to $2,000/oz within 6 months. $5,000/oz “possible but not certain” by the end of 2010. Gold at $3,000/oz and oil at $150/oz before […]

Gold price responds to plunging real interest rate

With the Fed apparently committed to holding benchmark lending rates at their current low levels, real interest rates are diving below par. If inflation starts to show more aggressively, as it is expected to, rates could fall below their recent record lows of nearly -4%.

Charticle: Gold responding to renewed threat of negative real interest rates

Gold prices remain well off their inflation-adjusted historical highs, but the metal continues to respond well to the customary variables , especially real interest rates in the US.

United Nations starts early bidding to control global reserve currency

The United Nations has again called for a new global currency with a view to taking ownership of the seignorage benefits. If the UN succeeded it would develop a source of revenue independent of its member nations, but primarily current and future superpowers.