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Gold Equity Dividends Must Rise Further and Faster

The new interest in rewarding investors with dividends may be the catalyst needed to address the deep discounts leading gold stocks are trading at.

Gold Stocks May Revisit Hedging

Companies have gone to great lengths to avoid any appearance on the balance sheet of the old style mark-to-market line item. It’s not deceptive; merely the reality of innovating around investor sentiment when your balance sheet cannot independently support project development and expansion.

Update - Eldorado Gold Sets New Benchmark for Precious Metal Dividends

If all the senior gold companies adopted a dividend equivalent to $100 per ounce of gold produced, investors would enjoy a 125% increase in payouts to around $3.5 billion per year.

Gold Equity & Leverage Charts

All charts have moved. Please use the Commodities Panel to navigate.

A Precious Metals Wish for 2011. Stop the Darn Transactions!

The case for equity leverage to gold is diminishing and will continue to do so until mining company executives and their bankers stop the addiction to deal-making.

More Timely Reminders of the Risks Facing Kinross Gold

There is considerable unhappiness among other mining companies with executives complaining that Kinross’ CEO, Tye Burt, crossed a line in talking up the mineral resources at Tasiast in order to sway support for the transaction.

Looking for Value in the Gold Sector After Newcrest-Lihir

Where does your favourite gold stock rank against its competitors?

Kinross Acquisition of Red Back

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) — The Kinross play for Red Back is unfolding as expected. Short sellers have moved against Kinross whilst going long Red Back stock to lock in arbitrage profits in advance of the deal being consummated. Just before the close on Tuesday there was an effective 14% spread, and the arbitrageurs have probably […]

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