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Kinross Takes Another Beat Down Over Tasiast

Kinross is emerging as a value play for investors with high risk tolerance.

America Expects Someone Else to Solve its Rare Earth Element Vulnerability

Early next month thousands of delegates will converge on Cape Town to participate in one of the world’s most important mining capital formation and distribution processes - Investing in African Mining Indaba. The event is ground-zero for the money flowing to and from the world’s last great frontier in mineral exploration and development, Africa. Yet the United States will, as usual, have no formal representation even as officials from China, Australia, India, Japan and Canada jockey to land mining assets for their national companies and national interest.

Do New Tasiast Project Details Belie Deteriorating Kinross Valuation?

The likelihood is that the sell-side will eventually dissolve the sunk transaction costs, and price Red Back’s assets tabula rasa. Whether the buy-side goes along is another question. It hasn’t happened yet, which is why Kinross isn’t seeing any benefit to its ratings from an otherwise world leading gold asset.

More Timely Reminders of the Risks Facing Kinross Gold

There is considerable unhappiness among other mining companies with executives complaining that Kinross’ CEO, Tye Burt, crossed a line in talking up the mineral resources at Tasiast in order to sway support for the transaction.

How Badly is Kinross’ Bid for Red Back Going? This Badly.

Kinross shareholders may yet decide that a C$250 million break fee is the cheapest metric in this merger. Talk about a poison pill in a poisoned well.

Kinross Bid for Red Back Remains Under Pressure

In just a few days, investors in Red Back [TSX:RBI] and Kinross [TSX:K | NYSE:KGC] will get the chance to pore over the raft of “fairness” opinions that came to the same conclusion that all such fairness opinions do - “it’s a great deal!”.

Another Day, Another Mining Company Surprise

One of the reasons gold equities have been losing leverage against bullion is because of the risk associated with the projects. Equity investors have had a series of nasty surprises over the length of this bull market, and two more have been delivered over the last week alone.

Kinross Deal for Red Back Shows Potential for Tasiast Deposit

Kinross isn’t a charitable organization, so it’s willingness to pay a premium speaks to its expectations for Red Back as its Chirano and Tasiast projects settle down after recent commercial commissioning.