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Gold Stocks Trading Near Historic Lows Compared with Bullion Prices

If gold stocks are able to reacquire their traditional leverage the effect would be like releasing a tightly coiled spring. At this point the spring is coiled back to bullion prices below $800 per ounce. That suggests gold equities are sitting on potential gains - relative to the gold price - of nearly 80%.

How Badly is Kinross’ Bid for Red Back Going? This Badly.

Kinross shareholders may yet decide that a C$250 million break fee is the cheapest metric in this merger. Talk about a poison pill in a poisoned well.

Who’s the Best Paid Gold Mining Executive of Them All?

More investors are paying attention to gold equities to take advantage of the move in the metal’s price and rising profits reflected in sector dividend payments that exceeded $1 billion last year. That makes it more important than ever to monitor how executives are being compensated, especially relative to performance.

Funds Sell Off Newcrest After Winning Sweeter Deal for Lihir

Newcrest was evidently sold down by investors seeking to pre-emptively rebalance their portfolios in anticipation of the takeover being completed.