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Chart of the Day - Real Interest Rates & Gold

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Gold and Deflation

Gold’s appeal in a deflationary environment – this is a concept that opposes the conventional opinion that the gold price will not rise without inflation.

Real Interest Rates Negative but Static, Placing Pressure on Gold

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) — Much is being made of today’s one-month high in the gold price. However, it would be wise to pay attention to the stall in the trend for real interest rates as well as some key ratios. Whilst real rates remain negative – which is good for the gold price – there […]

Jim Grant at his best - Requiem For the Dollar, Hallelujah Chorus For Gold

There are very few anywhere who communicate with equal clarity, fluidity, precision and style.

How diving real interest rates are fuelling the gold price surge

Real interest rates in the United States are not the only factor driving gold prices, but they are clearly important as a reciprocal indicator.

Gold price responds to plunging real interest rate

With the Fed apparently committed to holding benchmark lending rates at their current low levels, real interest rates are diving below par. If inflation starts to show more aggressively, as it is expected to, rates could fall below their recent record lows of nearly -4%.

Charticle: Gold responding to renewed threat of negative real interest rates

Gold prices remain well off their inflation-adjusted historical highs, but the metal continues to respond well to the customary variables , especially real interest rates in the US.

Visualizing the sober growth warnings from PIMCO's Bill Gross

Gross tees up Barton Biggs - as a self-described child of the bull market - to warn that investors need to snap out of it. The New Normal is here, and it’s horrible.