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Real Yield Curve Offers Unique Forecasting Perspective for Gold Prices

The Federal Reserve has made it clear that it will indulge in whatever quantitative easing, dubbed “QE2”, it deems necessary to revive the US economy (and rebalance the global economy if you’re Titan Timothy Geithner). Those are fighting words to be believed with mid-term elections around the corner and national elections on the horizon. Yet gold prices have been flaccid in the face of the latest news.

BusinessInsider.com does not understand gold

Why is the conventional financial media so engrossed with the gold is a bust meme?

Roubini still ultra bearish, touting new crash but slams gold

Roubini sticks to his guns - there is another big crash coming.

Charticle: Gold responding to renewed threat of negative real interest rates

Gold prices remain well off their inflation-adjusted historical highs, but the metal continues to respond well to the customary variables , especially real interest rates in the US.

Another "New Normal" convert - Alan Greenspan. Agrees with Goldman on deflation.

Slow as a tortoise in 2010 according to the former Fed boss. Greenspan also agrees with Goldman Sach’s view on a deflationary rather than an inflationary environment.

Alphabet soup recovery - inverted square root recovery

Is the Baltic Dry Index making George Soros’ case about the shape of the recovery?