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Avalanche of Warrants and Options Awaits Some Investors

With commodity prices rebounding strongly in the wake of the crash - and pulling stock prices with them - investors need to pay attention to an increasing overhang of in-the-money warrants and options that could dramatically dilute their stakes.

Gold Stocks Trading Near Historic Lows Compared with Bullion Prices

If gold stocks are able to reacquire their traditional leverage the effect would be like releasing a tightly coiled spring. At this point the spring is coiled back to bullion prices below $800 per ounce. That suggests gold equities are sitting on potential gains - relative to the gold price - of nearly 80%.

Valuing the Fastest Growing Mining Stocks

Mining stock investors love production growth; especially high margin production growth. Reserves may be nice to have, but cash flow trumps optionality in nearly every instance. So let’s look at the most promising production growth stories that are backed by some form of feasibility study.

Another Day, Another Mining Company Surprise

One of the reasons gold equities have been losing leverage against bullion is because of the risk associated with the projects. Equity investors have had a series of nasty surprises over the length of this bull market, and two more have been delivered over the last week alone.

New Gold Production Falls Well Short of Original Projections

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) — Comparing company forecasts for new gold production to reality is sobering. In late 2003 / early 2004, gold miners were telling investors they would add cumulative new annual production of 16 million ounces from a resource base of some 400 million ounces by 2010. However, only 9 million new annual ounces […]