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SEC Finally Finds a Gold Mining Scam to Prosecute

DENVER (MineFund.com) — A California music teacher turned pretend gold miner managed to pick the pockets of several hundred gullible investors to the tune of $16 million. Now Kenneth W. Carlton, president and CEO of Nekekim Corp. has settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission related to defrauding those investors who thought he controlled a […]

$8,000 Gold by 2013-2015 May be Too Cheap

“Gold is not a commodity. It is not volatile. It is not an investment. Gold is money.”

Euro Gold Run Above E1,000/oz Comes to an End

Gold priced in euros, a key factor in investor sentiment toward bullion, has ended its run above €1,000 per ounce. It managed 43 consecutive days above €1,000/oz before being knocked down aggressively by investors returning to the European currency.

Precious Metal Analysts Very Bullish for 2011. Favor Silver & Palladium.

Precious Metal Analysts affiliated with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) were very accurate with their predictions for 2010, and they’re super bullish for 2011. In fact they are so bullish that only one analyst believes any metal is threatened with a decline in average prices through this year.

World Gold Index

All charts have moved. Please use the Commodities Panel to navigate.

State Street Can Afford Gold ETF Fee War For a While Yet

We don’t see much chance of State Street being drawn into a fee war any time soon though things could change quickly if some of the large funds invested in GLD decide to make a point of it.

Gold, Silver and Palladium Clear Several Significant Hurdles, but Platinum Lags

nvestors in precious metals are entering a very interesting phase in the current bull market, which must be considered continuous over the last decade despite the rude but brief interruption of the global credit crisis.

Do New Tasiast Project Details Belie Deteriorating Kinross Valuation?

The likelihood is that the sell-side will eventually dissolve the sunk transaction costs, and price Red Back’s assets tabula rasa. Whether the buy-side goes along is another question. It hasn’t happened yet, which is why Kinross isn’t seeing any benefit to its ratings from an otherwise world leading gold asset.

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