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Why Silver’s Run May be Far From Done

Silver bugs have a reasonable expectation that there is still room for one of those healthy speculative blow-offs that rockets prices to multi-decade highs.

Palladium Continues to Outperform. Gold Sets Long-Term Record.

Investment performance is all relative to the dates you pick, and the comparisons you make. Our analysis for the precious metals picks one date - 2000 - for the arbitrary benefit of being the start of a decade and a nice round number. The other date - November 2008 - is reasonably objective as the nadir of the credit crisis when most asset values bottomed out.

Essential Gold Chart Pack - Heavy Monthly Losses Take Toll on Gold Investors

Gold has posted some large losses over the past 30 days, lead by the rebounding euro. Euro gold prices have tumbled nearly 11% over the month, reducing the gain for the trailing twelve months to 13% where gold.

2009 was a shocking year for commodities, 2010 can only be better

Do you know which commodities performed best in 2009? Have a look at our tables and charts to find out.

Gold Ratio Charts

All charts have moved. Please use the Commodities Panel to navigate.

Ratios of the day: gold vs oil, gold vs silver

Gold and oil haven’t been this well paired for many years. Do you hear that? Those are those silver bugs just over the horizon!