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The Relationship Between Gold Reserves per Share & Stock Performance

Reserves per share are no gimmick. They are strongly correlated with stock returns.

A Precious Metals Wish for 2011. Stop the Darn Transactions!

The case for equity leverage to gold is diminishing and will continue to do so until mining company executives and their bankers stop the addiction to deal-making.

Gold Stocks Trading Near Historic Lows Compared with Bullion Prices

If gold stocks are able to reacquire their traditional leverage the effect would be like releasing a tightly coiled spring. At this point the spring is coiled back to bullion prices below $800 per ounce. That suggests gold equities are sitting on potential gains - relative to the gold price - of nearly 80%.

Largest Gold Deposits

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Highest Grade Gold Projects

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WSJ's Thomas Frank builds enemies list & plots revenge using gold

Frank is angry, very angry, at a broad swathe of America. No reason is offered for his apoplexy, but we must assume he is dissatisfied with recent election results.