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Essential Gold Chart Pack - Heavy Monthly Losses Take Toll on Gold Investors

Gold has posted some large losses over the past 30 days, lead by the rebounding euro. Euro gold prices have tumbled nearly 11% over the month, reducing the gain for the trailing twelve months to 13% where gold.

Real Interest Rates Negative but Static, Placing Pressure on Gold

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) — Much is being made of today’s one-month high in the gold price. However, it would be wise to pay attention to the stall in the trend for real interest rates as well as some key ratios. Whilst real rates remain negative – which is good for the gold price – there […]

Gold Ratio Charts

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Ratios of the day: gold vs oil, gold vs silver

Gold and oil haven’t been this well paired for many years. Do you hear that? Those are those silver bugs just over the horizon!

Gold price responds to plunging real interest rate

With the Fed apparently committed to holding benchmark lending rates at their current low levels, real interest rates are diving below par. If inflation starts to show more aggressively, as it is expected to, rates could fall below their recent record lows of nearly -4%.