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Gold Equities Not Showing Much Conviction on New Bullion Record

Gold stocks appear to lack conviction for gold’s test of $1,400/oz.

Essential Gold Chart Pack - Heavy Monthly Losses Take Toll on Gold Investors

Gold has posted some large losses over the past 30 days, lead by the rebounding euro. Euro gold prices have tumbled nearly 11% over the month, reducing the gain for the trailing twelve months to 13% where gold.

Stunningly True: Gold ETF Has Badly Damaged Gold Equities

Gold equities have surrendered considerable leverage compared with the ETF.

Loss of Momentum in GLD Responsible for Gold Crack?

It’s now lore that the gold ETF has become the bullion market weather vane, and it appears to have consolidated that position with the recent price stall.

Highest Grade Gold Projects

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The three worst investment calls of the decade

Time is a nasty opponent of investment prophets and prognosticators. We pick three calls that were hyped-to-the-hilt; and failed-to-the-fullest.

Gold ETF turns five. A mountain of fees & a warning sign?

Hedge fund manager John Paulson is opening a new gold fund seeded with a quarter billion of his own wealth. With Paulson the largest shareholder in the SPDR Gold Shares, it’s a timely reminder that the gold ETF [GLD] turned five today.

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