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Euro Gold Run Above E1,000/oz Comes to an End

Gold priced in euros, a key factor in investor sentiment toward bullion, has ended its run above €1,000 per ounce. It managed 43 consecutive days above €1,000/oz before being knocked down aggressively by investors returning to the European currency.

Kudlow’s Changed Tune on Monetizing Debt

Kudlow was wrong in 2004 when he and Jim Cramer called gold’s top, and he was badly wrong in 2008. So how do we read this? Three times a charm, or consistently wrong?

China’s Commodity Strategy & Displacement of the Dollar

China must be encouraged to pursue its commodity futures markets strategy. The world has more to gain from the transparency of liquid commodities markets near the source of consumption. The worst alternative is the quasi military desire for state companies to bypass conventional markets using closed channels that they develop and own.

Sneaky and nasty reminder of the risks of paper currency

One of the benefits of metallic monetary standard, like the classical gold standard, is that it restrains politicians from abusing the power of the printing press.

Jim Grant at his best - Requiem For the Dollar, Hallelujah Chorus For Gold

There are very few anywhere who communicate with equal clarity, fluidity, precision and style.

Niall Ferguson also sees China challenging dollar with commodities

“China’s current strategy is to diversify out of dollars and into commodities”

Capital flight from the US presents another problem

ST. LOUIS (Alpha Found) — The customers are voting with their wallets. American capital is emigrating in search of yields and safety, pulling another support from under the dollar. The Wall Street Journal highlighted the problem with a nifty graph to accompany an article on one more reason to be concerned about the dollar. The […]

Old New Normal - a full-fledged investment revolution

The investment world is in the process of a full-fledged structural revolution that is currently dominated by the shift from financial to hard assets. Call it the Old New Normal.

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