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South Africa Biggest Loser in Global Coal Investment Boom

South Africa risks surrendering its leading position as a competitive coal exporter thanks to “underfunded and arthritic” infrastructure and logistics for the country’s extensive “black gold” resources.

America Expects Someone Else to Solve its Rare Earth Element Vulnerability

Early next month thousands of delegates will converge on Cape Town to participate in one of the world’s most important mining capital formation and distribution processes - Investing in African Mining Indaba. The event is ground-zero for the money flowing to and from the world’s last great frontier in mineral exploration and development, Africa. Yet the United States will, as usual, have no formal representation even as officials from China, Australia, India, Japan and Canada jockey to land mining assets for their national companies and national interest.

India Lays Down a Challenge for China

In a significant line, Singh said: “Oil and gas today are not seen merely as commodities to be traded freely. They are often used by countries to meet their political objectives. More importantly, we have to take into account the changing pattern of growth in the demand for oil.”

US & Europe Discuss What to Do About China’s Rare Earth Metals Dominance

These meeting notes are circulating in policy and lobby circles. It appears that private interests in the US and Europe are getting fed up with government jawboning without results.

Hong Kong’s Appeal for Mining IPOs

ong Kong can no longer be considered an emerging mining capital market; it is fully developed.

Climate of Insanity Threatens Bucyrus Order from India

Bucyrus International expects to lose a $310 million order for mining machinery from a subsidiary of Reliance Power of India following a decision by the U.S. Export-Import Bank against providing loan guarantees for the coal power project in Madhya Pradesh.

China’s Commodity Strategy & Displacement of the Dollar

China must be encouraged to pursue its commodity futures markets strategy. The world has more to gain from the transparency of liquid commodities markets near the source of consumption. The worst alternative is the quasi military desire for state companies to bypass conventional markets using closed channels that they develop and own.

Absolute Return Partners Trashes Commodity ETFs and Warns of Bubble

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) — Absolute Return’s Niels Jensen took a billy club to commodities generally and exchange traded commodities (ETCs) specifically in the firm’s May newsletter.

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