Tag: Bubble

Roubini still ultra bearish, touting new crash but slams gold

Roubini sticks to his guns - there is another big crash coming.

Entomb the housing bubble zombies

Two corrupt institutions that were ground zero for the housing crisis are going to be rewarded. We predict that this marks the codification of a giant new federal bureaucracy.

Greenspan: that moral hazard stuff is, like, bad

Alan Greenspan criticizes his successors for bailing out banks that abused their implicit government guarantee. Long Term Capital Management, anyone?

Another American equity bubble already?

One chart doth not a bubble confirm, but this is one loud warning among many that the inflation in equities is not grounded in reality.

Pent up capital and a prolonged recession

High and rising unemployment is another signal that “real” investment is not happening. It’s speculative, timid, and short-term. The housing bust is also curious for its longevity. There was a rash of interest in bargain hunting, but it has been ineffective in turning the market.