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The QE2 is Leaking Like a Sieve

The Federal Reserve’s second round of quantitative easy is already running aground thanks to a confluence of circumstances that make it more attractive to invest away from the United States and its currency.

Real Yield Curve Offers Unique Forecasting Perspective for Gold Prices

The Federal Reserve has made it clear that it will indulge in whatever quantitative easing, dubbed “QE2”, it deems necessary to revive the US economy (and rebalance the global economy if you’re Titan Timothy Geithner). Those are fighting words to be believed with mid-term elections around the corner and national elections on the horizon. Yet gold prices have been flaccid in the face of the latest news.

Fed publicizes thoughts on ending "quantitative easing"

ST. LOUIS (Alpha Found) — The Federal Reserve has to drain excess liquidity to prevent a rash of new bubbles and accelerating inflation, but how to do it without setting off another panic? It is estimated that at least $1 trillion will need to be drained as the Fed seeks to bring its balance sheet […]

Another "New Normal" convert - Alan Greenspan. Agrees with Goldman on deflation.

Slow as a tortoise in 2010 according to the former Fed boss. Greenspan also agrees with Goldman Sach’s view on a deflationary rather than an inflationary environment.

Visualizing the sober growth warnings from PIMCO's Bill Gross

Gross tees up Barton Biggs - as a self-described child of the bull market - to warn that investors need to snap out of it. The New Normal is here, and it’s horrible.