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South Africa Biggest Loser in Global Coal Investment Boom

South Africa risks surrendering its leading position as a competitive coal exporter thanks to “underfunded and arthritic” infrastructure and logistics for the country’s extensive “black gold” resources.

South Africa Coal Security Statements Worrisome

The net outcome could be coal prices rising much faster and further thanks to a combination of competition and haulage costs if mines don’t continue to be developed and expanded in South Africa.

Hong Kong’s Appeal for Mining IPOs

ong Kong can no longer be considered an emerging mining capital market; it is fully developed.

Another Year, Another Failure for Peak Oilers & Energy Dreamers

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) — BP recently released its 2009 Annual Statistical Review. It is an energy data bible that is all the more valuable for being published in the open. Once again, the Review is a firm debunker of peak oil hysteria as well as energy dreamers who think renewables can ever replace non-renewables.

Terry Tamminen - Your Bet on Coal’s Death is Accepted

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) – Terry Tamminen, an Operating Advisor, whatever that is, for private equity outfit Pegasus Capital Advisors, has made an all-comers bet on the death of coal. It’s laughable, but we’ll take him up on it. Writing for Fast Company as an “Expert Blogger”, but more like the lobbyist he is, Tamminen boldly […]

2009 was a shocking year for commodities, 2010 can only be better

Do you know which commodities performed best in 2009? Have a look at our tables and charts to find out.