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Kinross Takes Another Beat Down Over Tasiast

Kinross is emerging as a value play for investors with high risk tolerance.

Gold Stocks May Revisit Hedging

Companies have gone to great lengths to avoid any appearance on the balance sheet of the old style mark-to-market line item. It’s not deceptive; merely the reality of innovating around investor sentiment when your balance sheet cannot independently support project development and expansion.

Euro Gold Run Above E1,000/oz Comes to an End

Gold priced in euros, a key factor in investor sentiment toward bullion, has ended its run above €1,000 per ounce. It managed 43 consecutive days above €1,000/oz before being knocked down aggressively by investors returning to the European currency.

Gold Equity & Leverage Charts

All charts have moved. Please use the Commodities Panel to navigate.

A Precious Metals Wish for 2011. Stop the Darn Transactions!

The case for equity leverage to gold is diminishing and will continue to do so until mining company executives and their bankers stop the addiction to deal-making.

Do New Tasiast Project Details Belie Deteriorating Kinross Valuation?

The likelihood is that the sell-side will eventually dissolve the sunk transaction costs, and price Red Back’s assets tabula rasa. Whether the buy-side goes along is another question. It hasn’t happened yet, which is why Kinross isn’t seeing any benefit to its ratings from an otherwise world leading gold asset.

More Timely Reminders of the Risks Facing Kinross Gold

There is considerable unhappiness among other mining companies with executives complaining that Kinross’ CEO, Tye Burt, crossed a line in talking up the mineral resources at Tasiast in order to sway support for the transaction.

Never Too Late: Blackrock Adds Pressure for Miners to Pay Dividends

Blackrock’s Evy Hambro, heir to Graham Birch’s perch at the top of the world’s resources funds, has called for miners to put dividends on the agenda.

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