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America Expects Someone Else to Solve its Rare Earth Element Vulnerability

Early next month thousands of delegates will converge on Cape Town to participate in one of the world’s most important mining capital formation and distribution processes – Investing in African Mining Indaba. The event is ground-zero for the money flowing to and from the world’s last great frontier in mineral exploration and development, Africa. Yet the United States will, as usual, have no formal representation even as officials from China, Australia, India, Japan and Canada jockey to land mining assets for their national companies and national interest.

US & Europe Discuss What to Do About China’s Rare Earth Metals Dominance

These meeting notes are circulating in policy and lobby circles. It appears that private interests in the US and Europe are getting fed up with government jawboning without results.

Rare Earths Generate Surplus Concerns

merican vulnerability to China’s monopoly in minor metals is the story that never goes away. The latest version of it comes in a well written and deeply research piece from Bloomberg News. The headline is the financial press equivalent of, “Aliens Demand White House Meeting” – Pentagon Loses Control of Bombs to China Metal Monopoly.

We recommend reading the whole thing, but if you can’t spare the time, here are the essentials:

Hold the Excitement on Afghanistan’s Mineral Treasures

ST. LOUIS (MineFund.com) — Well done to Foreign Policy for knocking down the New York Times’ suspiciously timed and super bullish story on Afghanistan’s unmined minerals.